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This website has a new format for membership areas, facilitated by a $30 d0 nati0n (e) per seas0n e: 





The website launch, in June 2016, will include the same password access thru the rest of the year. 2017 will start the seasonal pass access.

Se~a.s 0/n e'a. ll t' d0~nati0n e t00 th' t 0/m e'


& backstage pass t00 the www.richroat.is 

please allow 24 hrs to manually send your password.

Every Season, starting in 2017 I will change the password, which would require a new/ e d~0 nati0/n e t00 th purs(u)e d. 

Additionally, for every 0ne th0u' s a~nd ea.r~n 'd, b0th a page on banksea.d. & richroat.is will remain permanently 0 p/en t'h' s a.m. e inn pur(e) vi e w/e ~d g~a.m. e ve(i)n t(h)rue d

Sending M(e) 0/n e'ye t~h0u 's A nd be t(h) 0/0 k e/e n'd : can be accomplished thru my 

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xubrnt big cartel store which would allow you to use a debit / credit card. 

Additionally you can send cash or check any 0'le t i'm e w/i~s 'h' 0 p/en l(e)ye t00 t'h p.r.0's e/e d e w/i.d. th~in d ate fxf i/g t00 th e r~e L~at e i/n g's~ (w/) i ft~ i. ' d.e i/n g' i f~t

@ 72 0ak st. #406 Portland ME 04101

the re st 0('a') re is "borro-w/e-d-" no more 

inn fxfree d 0/m e t00 th(e) re st 0('a')re a.d. 0/0 re 

A full listing of my websites in chronological order.


S~p.r.e/e m.0.

haul lies prague 

rich roat. ha us (changed to)

rich roat. is

banksead (you ar(e) t~'h' ere)

Briefly, I have developed a language where I speak in between the gaps. I have identified the cur-rent- competitive m(e-)ark'-t-place- to be a scene with stag-e-i/n-g-'s/ce/ne- t-a/s-k-(in-g-ill-)t-me-an-s-

I will be dedicating a page too define an/at/0m/i/c/all/ye t ea.c~h' s ea. the r/en/d e're i/n g's (T)0 w/ i.d.entity e X a/ct ly e w/h 'a't i'm e (a.) s/s aye i/n g.

The language is built on the construct of a desire for completion verse-sus- competition, that will never actually arrive at completion and steal the value along-t-he-w/-aye-t- of that which should be & b e're right fully e s e/e n 0 w/e inn th~e r~e L at e fxf0r/meal/ly e t00 th's trait

I draw analogy t00 the p.r.i'me number 0/n e, the sig/n i/fi can ce 0 fxf t'h z~er0's 0/n e

without eros- (e-) th-ere- would only b(e)0ne 0pti0n e t00 th' s/t a nd' s 0(w/)n e t00 th t e'ye 0/n e in p(L)a~c/e ve(i)n destinati0/n e c0mma nd & e ve(i)n k th c/an d

sig/n i/fxf i can T 0/0 th's e/e K 

t0 me an s~ 0 p/en l e(ye) a.d.

i use the me'ye T language as a c0/m(b)e t00 x tw/h0 0d ascertain directi0n e w/h 0/m(b)e t(h) 00 k~n 0w/n d fi/g u/re a.t~(e) i've ll e ye s lee p as/s 0/n (e) per t' per's 0/n e~ve(i)n d f/r0m 


scene-s-ir(e-)onically- i am not trying to seduce any "one"

neither a.m. eye fretting my f-ee-l-i/ng-s- for a sh-i/r-k-&-j-i/r-k- t00-t-he-be-com-ove-d-


n-in/c-0m-p0-0p-d-0've-d- e-serve-d-


as per a. m.(e)ark~e/t~ing b/ran/d e/b th's c0pe & sc0pie dept'h 0 with t~r0pe anectd0te inn dh~an d = c 0/m p a s/s e.g. ran d